The Office of Educational Support Services assists with operation of Title I, Head Start, Alternative Language Services and Nursing Services.

 Name Phone Title
Nancy Ward 801-567-8235 Coordinator
Kellie Davis 801-567-8246 Administrative Assistant
Becky Workman 801-567-8124 Assistant
 Title I Services
Ardy Vallett 801-567-8359 Title I Teacher Specialist
FAX 801-567-8073
 Alternative Language Services
Toni Soeffker 801-567-8116 Administrative Assistant
Deborah Brey 801-567-8306 Teacher Specialist
Krista Mecham 801-567-8321 Teacher Specialist
Sheri Sample 801-567-8307 Teacher Specialist
Buddy Alger 801-567-8300 Bilingual Psychologist
Lisa Stillman 801-567-3047 Bilingual Psychologist
Hilda Lloyd 801-567-8308 Homeless/Migrant Outreach
Mirsa Joosten 801-567-8314 Outreach Translator
Anna Byrge 801-567-8427 Immigrant Mentor
Amber Mason 801-567-8317 Native American Mentor
Jamie Williams 801-567-8136 Native American Mentor
FAX 801-567-8073
 Nursing Services
RaeAnna Kirk 801-419-2906 Team Leader – Jordan Hills Elem.
Nina Ung 801-580-6352 Blackridge Elem.
Monica Michaud 801-301-6402 Columbia Elem.
Susan Denney 801-232-9820 Terra Linda Elem.
Saundie Francom 801-597-3997 Silver Crest Elem.
Katie Porter 801-557-2651 Daybreak Elem.
A.J. Walkowski 801-580-9858 Fox Hollow Elem.
Traci Hardell 801-673-9820 Special Ed/South Valley
Kristianne Cid 801-232-9822 Special Ed/Elk Meadows Elem.
Kimberly Lucchesi 801-889-8949 Special Ed/South Jordan MS

Educational Support Documents

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