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Culturally Responsive Teaching and Diversity

Respecting Ethnic and Cultural Heritage Training (See calendar below.)

  • REACH Days 1 and 2: This training is a two-day workshop on cultural diversity for licensed personnel.
  • REACH Classified: This training is a one-day workshop for any/all classified personnel.
  • REACH Day 3: This training is a one-day follow-up to days 1 and 2.
    • Teachers will need to attend days 1 and 2 before attending day 3.
    • Additionally you will need to bring the following:
      • materials from Days 1 and 2
      • a "show and tell" item that represents your personal culture;
      • your successes and/or difficulties with infusing REACH principles into your class;
      • one example of a culturally-infused lesson plan that you have used in your class. See templates below.

Additional information:

  • Always obtain permission from your principal or supervisor.
  • Register at Jordan Professional Learning System (Search: REACH)
  • ALS will cover the cost of the substitute for teachers who are on-track, and will pay inservice rate to teachers who are off-track. (Be sure to complete a time sheet at the training.)
  • For questions regarding sub codes, email Toni Soeffker or call 801-567-8116.

Materials for/from REACH Training