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WIDA™ English Language Development Standards Training

"Everything WIDA does revolves around the significance of academic language and how to empower language learners to reach for success . . . WIDA draws on multiple theories and approaches in an effort to describe language use in academic contexts; this is the language that language learners must acquire and negotiate to participate successfully in school . . . read more"

  • This training is a one-day workshop that provides understanding of the standards and information on how to linguistically differentiate instruction for English learners based on academic language needs.
  • The WIDA ELD Standards are the proficiency standards that have been adopted by USOE for English learners. You will be provided with a copy of these standards when you attend the training.
  • In preparation for your training, please complete the following:
    • View the following video and complete the tasks as instructed. (View it at either location.)
      • WIDA Prerequisite Assignment (View on PowToon)
      • WIDA Prerequisite Assignment (View on YouTube)
      • This information will give you an understanding of the process for identifying English language learners and how to find which of you students will need ELD services. We will not cover this information in the training, but will refer to it, so you will want to take the time to do this.
      • You will be given a copy of the WIDA ELD Standards at the training.
      • In addition, go to the WIDA Download Library and download the following:
        • You may print these documents or just bring them on your iPad or laptop. You may also purchase them at the WIDA Store
        • Can Do Descriptors for the grade level(s) you teach
          • Key Uses Edition Kindergarten PDF
          • Key Uses Edition Grade 1 PDF
          • Key Uses Edition Grades 2-3 PDF
          • Key Uses Edition Grades 4-5 PDF
          • Uses Edition Grades 6-8 PDF
          • Key Uses Edition Grades 9-12 PDF
        • Essential Actions Handbook

Additional information:

  • Always obtain permission from your principal or supervisor.
  • Register at Jordan Professional Learning System (Search: WIDA)
  • ALS will cover the cost of the substitute for teachers who are on-track, and will pay inservice rate to teachers who are off-track. (Be sure to complete a time sheet at the training.)
  • For questions regarding sub codes, email Toni Soeffker or call 801-567-8116.

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