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Federal Programs and Procedures Training Materials

Educational Support Services -  Federal Programs and Other Procedures Training

Recommended for: Administrators, Secretaries, Office Assistants, and others deemed necessary at each school.


  • To complete this training read the notes in each of the following sections and view each video/presentation. Some sections will include some optional recommended reading or videos. Each video or presentation is less than 5 minutes.
  • To work through the training sequentially, click "Training Begins Here." 
  • The alphabetical topic list will make it easier to find what you need when referring back to this page for a refresher on one or more aspects of the training. 
  • Complete the sections that are relevant to your assignment.
  • To receive a certificate of completion complete the form at the end of the training.

Topics (alphabetical): Click below to jump to a specific topic.

Training Begins Here

English Learners

  • Notes:
    • The process for identifying English learners has changed. Please view both video presentations below to learn the process for students who enroll before September 15 and for students who enroll after September 15. It is critical that these time frames be followed to ensure students get placed in a timely manner and that each school remains in compliance with federal law.
    • The responsibility for identifying potential English learners is the responsibility of the secretary or their designee.
  • Presentation: Identifying Potential English Learners and Immigrant, Migrant, and Refugee Students - before September 15 (traditional) or August 15 (year-round) (4:23 minutes)
  • Presentation:  Identifying Potential English Learners and Immigrant, Migrant, and Refugee Students - after September 15 (traditional) or August 15 (year-round) (4:12 minutes)

Immigrant, Migrant and Refugee Students

McKinney-Vento (Homeless)

  • Notes:
    • Review the presentation regarding the requirements and guidelines of McKinney-Vento (Homeless).
  • Presentation: McKinney-Vento Guidelines
  • Notes:
    • Although information about the Principal's Pantry is included in this section of the training, the food in the pantry is available to all students who are experiencing hunger.
    • The Jordan Education Foundation funds the Principal's Pantry.
    • If you'd like, you may donate to the Jordan Education Foundation.
  • Presentation: Principal's Pantry

Title VI American Indian Education

  • Notes:
    • Review the presentation regarding the background of and processes for the Native American/Alaska Native Education program.
  • Presentation: Native American Federal Program


Reports Sent from the District:

  • This section will explain the process for receiving District reports and guidelines for their distribution.

Reports Run at the School Level:

  • This section will include demonstrations of how to run each report and explanations of when each report will be needed.
  • Skyward access to these reports is granted on a "need to know" basis by the administrator at each school.
    • How to Run the Language Survey Report
      • Notes: This report can be run at anytime to help identify new English learners in your school. When using this report you will want to compare it to the monthly LPL report before sending in any new identification forms. Refer back to English Learners section for more specific details on the processes associated with this report.
      • Demo: Language Survey Report (1:10 minutes)
    • How to Run the Refugee/Immigrant/Migrant Report: 
    • How to Run the Family Residency Forms: 
      • Notes: This will identify all students whose families have a living situation that may qualify them for services under the McKinney-Vento Act. A residency questionnaire will print for each family. Refer back to the McKinney-Vento section for more specific details on the processes associated with this report.
      • Demo: Family Residency Form (1:24 minutes)
    • How to Run the Home Language Survey
      • Notes: This form will need to be printed and clipped to each Identification Form sent to Educational Support Services.
      • Demo: Home Language Survey ( :57 seconds)


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Certificate of Completion

Thank you for taking the time to complete this training. Please complete the form below to receive a certificate of completion and token of our appreciation.