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Professional Development

  • ESL Endorsement
  • PD Bites: A Buffet of Learning - PD Bites are mini professional development modules that can be completed in a variety of ways and on your own schedule. Topics include English learners, Culturally Responsive Teaching, Engagement, Academic Language, etc.
    • Already have a JordanPD Canvas account? Click here to enroll:  PD Bites on Canvas
    • Need to create a JordanPD Canvas account? Request an invitation - Put "PD Bites Invitation" in the subject line. (Once you receive the invitation, you will need to create an account.)
    • Check back often as modules will continually be developed and posted.
    • Available and Coming Soon Modules
      • Academic Language and Language Acquisition
        • WiDA: Building Awareness of Your English Learners
        • WiDA: Use of Language for Academic Purposes
        • WiDA: Integrating Content and Language
        • WiDA: The English Language Development Standards Part 1
        • WiDA: The English Language Development Standards, Part 2 COMING SOON
      • Diversity and Culturally Responsive Teaching
        • Culturally Responsive Teaching Matters!
        • Culture: Yours, Mine, and Ours
        • Being Seen as an Individual: Luxury or Right?
        • Got Privilege?
        • Equity Literacy 
        • Working with Immigrant Students COMING SOON
        • Working with Refugee Students COMING SOON
        • Working with Migrant Students COMING SOON
        • Working with Children in Poverty COMING SOON
      • Engagement
        • Engagement: What is Engagement?
        • Engagement: When are students engaged?
        • Pacing COMING SOON
        • Engagement: Questioning to Increase Engagement
        • Engagement: Make questions matter!
      • Interventions, Accommodations and Modifications
        • Accommodations, Modifications and Interventions
      • Sheltered Instruction
        • Including features of SIOP  - To complete modules with the asterisk (❋) you will need to have a the book 99 More Ideas and Activities for Teaching English Learners with The SIOP MODEL. If you'd like to receive a book from the district, you will need to register for the Power Planning learning path.COMING SOON