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Professional Development Opportunities

ESL Endorsement

Click here for information on the ESL Endorsement.

What's New? PD Bites: A Buffet of Learning - On Demand Professional Development.

  • PD Bites are mini professional development modules that can be completed in a variety of ways and on your own schedule. Topics, modules and modulesCOMING SOON are listed below. 
  • Enroll with your JordanPD Canvas account:
    • Already have a JordanPD Canvas account? Click here to enroll:  PD Bites on Canvas
    • Need to create a JordanPD Canvas account? Request an invitation - Put "PD Bites Invitation" in the subject line. (Once you receive the invitation, you will need to create an account.)
    • Contact Deborah Brey if you have any questions.
  • Check back often as modules will continually be developed and posted. If you don't see what you need, send us an email with your suggestions. (Put "PD Suggestions" in the subject line.)

PD Bites: Available Modules and Modules COMING SOON

  • Academic Language and Language Acquisition
    • WiDA: Building Awareness of Your English Learners
    • WiDA: Use of Language for Academic Purposes
    • WiDA: Integrating Content and Language
    • WiDA: The English Language Development Standards Part 1
    • Various modules on how to use the WiDA tools COMING SOON
  • Diversity and Culturally Responsive Teaching
    • Culturally Responsive Teaching Matters!
    • Culture: Yours, Mine, and Ours
    • Being Seen as an Individual: Luxury or Right?
    • Got Privilege?
    • Equity Literacy
    • Working with Immigrant Students COMING SOON
    • Working with Refugee Students COMING SOON
    • Working with Migrant Students COMING SOON
    • Working with Children in Poverty COMING SOON
  • Engagement
    • Engagement: What is Engagement?
    • Engagement: When are students engaged?
    • Pacing COMING SOON
    • Engagement: Questioning to Increase Engagement
    • Engagement: Make questions matter!
  • Interventions, Accommodations and Modifications
    • Accommodations, Modifications and Interventions
  • Sheltered Instruction
    • Including features of SIOP  - To complete modules with the asterisk (❋) you will need to have a the book 99 More Ideas and Activities for Teaching English Learners with The SIOP MODEL. If you'd like to receive a book from the district, you will need to register for the Power Planning learning path.COMING SOON