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ELD Lead Teacher Networking Meetings

Welcome back to school! Some of you have been the ELD Lead before and others of you are doing this for the first time. I am excited to have all of your join us in working to better serve our English learners. Here is some information you will need to get started.

  • ELD Networking Meetings will be set up a little different this year.  We will be meeting 1/2 hour earlier (see below). We will work on the topic of the meeting for 2 hours, and then you will have 30 minutes to network with other teachers, as needed. Make sure you check the right schedule for the meetings you need to attend. The times will change from meeting to meeting. Also note that both elementary and secondary teachers will meet together for the final meeting of the year.
  • Agendas

  • You are responsible for getting a 1/2 day sub, but Ed. Support Services will pay for it. If you are off-track for a meeting, we will timesheet you for your time. Sub code is 5218.
  • We were able to budget for stipends again this year. This stipend will be for fulfilling the responsibilities and roles as outlined in ELD Lead Responsibilities and Roles.
  • In order to receive the stipend you will need to register on the Jordan Professional Learning System - JPLS and attend 3 of the 4 meetings and complete some paperwork that will take place in the last meeting of the year.
    JPLS Course Number - 101244
    Elementary JPLS Section Number - 115119
    Secondary JPLS Section Number - 115118