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Immunization Requirements

The following information outlines the immunization requirements for students in Jordan School District.  You must have proof of all required immunizations.  Students will not be allowed to attend school without receiving all the required vaccines for their age group.  For questions, please contact the Educational Support Services department at 801-567-8124.   Contact your child's health provider or the local health department if you have questions regarding your child's immunization status.

***Effective December 1, 2014, students entering kindergarten and 7th grade must have two doses of Varicella (chickenpox) vaccine

***Effective December 1, 2014, students entering 7th grade must have a single dose of Meningococcal vaccine

Students in all grades (K through 12) must be immunized adequately according to Utah state guidelines.  The timing and spacing of vaccine doses are important in the appropriate use of vaccines.  The Timing of Immunizations Guide outlines the minimum spacing interval of each vaccine.  Vaccines should not be obtained before the minimum age requirement or minimum interval.

The local health department offers low cost vaccines if you have Medicaid, no insurance, or if you are unable to pay full price for them.  Appointments for immunizations are required at the health department.  For a list of local health departments, visit the Salt Lake County Health Department Locations page.

Conditional Enrollment

  • A student who has received at least one dose of each required vaccine and is currently on schedule for subsequent vaccines may attend school.  The remaining vaccines must be completed on schedule in order to stay in school.
  • Students who are one month past due for their vaccines will be excluded from school per state guidelines until the requirements have been fulfilled.
  • The Tdap booster and meningococcal vaccine are not included in this rule.

Immunization Exemptions

  • A parent may claim an exemption to immunization for medical, religious, or personal reasons, as allowed by Section 53A-11-302 of the Utah Statutory Code.  Each exemption claimed must be accompanied by the appropriate Utah Department of Health Exemption Form.
  • If your child cannot receive immunizations due to medical reasons, a Medical Exemption Form must be completed and signed by your child's licensed practitioner (Utah Statutory Code - Section 53A-11-302).  The form can be obtained from the practitioner's office.
  • If your child cannot receive immunizations due to religious reasons, a Religious Exemption Form must be complete and turn into the school.  The form is obtained at the local health department.
  • If your child cannot receive immunizations due to personal reasons, a Personal Exemption Form must be completed and turn into the school.  The form is obtained at the local health department.
  • Appointments may be required at the health department if you wish to obtain an exemption.
  • Please note the health department may charge a fee to obtain an exemption.
  • Exemptions from another state are not accepted; you must file an exemption in Utah.